Antique Brass Instrument Collection


1. Cornopean (an early English name for cornet) in Bb with three Stölzel valves

Manufactured by Henry Distin  9, & 10 Great Newport Street, Leicester Square, London in 1855c. With crooks to A, Ab, G.

No serial number.

2. Alto Flugelhorn in F with crooks to E & Eb.

Manufactured by Henry Distin. 31, Cranbourne Street. Leicester Square, London in 1855.

Serial number: 1998

3. Trumpet in Bb with three Perinet valves.

Manufactured by Henry Distin’s Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company. 9, & 10 Gt. Newport Street, Leicester Square, London from 1862-1866.

Serial number: 5431

The shepherd’s crook is an unusual aspect of the design. The instrument was evidently sold to the Wilhelm Hampe Music Company in Amsterdam who soldered their badge onto it.


4. Upright cornet (or Ventil Horn) in C with crook to Bb.

Manufactured by J. P. (Possibly John Pepper or John Pask) in 1860c.

No serial number.

5. Post Horn in Ab

Manufactured by Henry Distin 9 & 10 Gt. NEWPORT St., LONDON 1860c.

No serial number.

6. Cornet in Bb with crooks to A & Ab

Manufactured by Distin & Co. 9 & 10 Gt. NEWPORT St., LONDON 1864.

Serial number: 10128

7. Cornet in Bb with A shank

Manufactured by Distin & Co. 9 & 10 Gt. Newport St., London 1865c.

Serial number: 10271 (10350 is stamped on the valve casing)

8. Bugle in Bb

Manufactured by Henry Distin 9 & 10 Great Newport St. London.
Date: 1868c
Serial number: 20295

9. Pocket Cornet in Bb

Manufactured by Distin & Co., 9 & 10 Great Newport St. London.
Date: 1873c.
Serial number: 12034 (Stamped on the valve casing: 14804)