Listen to some of Ray’s past performances

Ray playing “For Me” by Lobo. Played on a Getzen C trumpet with BBC Radio Orchestra.


Ray playing “Adagio” by Rachmaninoff. Played on a Bach Bb Cornet with Ila Brass Band.


Ray playing “Aranjuez” by Rodrigo. Played on a Bach flugelhorn with the BBC Radio Orchestra.


Ray playing “Intrada” for trumpet and piano by A. Honegger. Played on a Bach (large bore) Bb Trumpet.


Ray playing with BBC Radio Orchestra. Malcolm Lockyer´s arrangement of “Beside the Seaside”. I borrowed Brian Rankine´s old cornet for this and played in a pastiche style.


Ray playing with the BBC Midland Orchestra – The “Dynasty Theme”.


Ray playing with the Goff Richards Orchestra in Manchester. Goff´s own piece- “One Day”


Ray playing (and directing) the BBC Radio Orchestra in Manchester with “Live & Let Die”. My arrangement. Played on a Bach Bb flugelhorn.


Ray playing flugelhorn with a studio orchestra in London conducted by Andrew Jackman. Peter Skellern wrote the music (and played the celeste) to this TV Series signature music- “Flesh and Blood”.


Ray playing “Il Silenzio” with the BBC Midland Light Orchestra. For this, I used a Getzen Bb Trumpet- it served me well for many years.