SPECTRUM (Gilbert Vinter)
Errata for score only (not the parts). Ray Farr 2022.
Score needs better binding.

 Bar 1: Change hairpin dynamic to cresc in all playing parts
Bar 2: Add dynamic “mf” to 1st beat in baris, euphs & basses
Bar 2: Change hairpin dynamic to cresc in cornets, flug., horns, baris, & euphs.
Bar 3: Add dynamic “f” on 1st beat to second horn and first baritone
Bar 3: Add dynamic “ff” on 2nd beat to sop., solo cornet, flugel, solo horn, 1st horn, euph.
Bar 4: Add dynamic “ff” to solo cornet on beat one
Bars 3-12: Add ties to triangle trems.
Bar 19: Change 2nd cornet 1st note to D.
Bars 19-20: Add stacc. dots to all cornets, flugel and horns as previously.
Bar 23: Add staccato to all semiquavers in sop.
Bar 24: Add sim. to sop.
Bar 27: Lower solo cor 4th beat should be natural.
Bar 30: Add “fz” on 1st beat to sop, rep, 2nd cor. and flugel.
Bar 31: Add mf to flugel 4th beat.
Bar 32: Add accents to sop & solo cor
Bar 32: Change perc fz to ff
Bar 32- 35: Add beams and accents to cornet quavers as troms.
Bar 35: The tie in Flug, horns, baris and euphs should be marked 2nd time only.
Bar 36: omit ff in cors
Bar 37: 1st & 2nd horn grace note should be C natural.
Bar 39: Solo cor & rep bring the high F# (and grace note) down an octave. 
Bar 39: Add stem to bar quaver.
Bar 40: Add accent to solo cor & rep last notes
Bar 42: add accents to 1st semiquaver in Sop/Solocor/Rep/Baris/euphs
Bar 43: add accents to SD 1st & 4th beats
Bar 44: move sd accent to 2nd beat
Bar 44: Add accent to sop/solo cor/rep/Baris/euph last notes.
Bar 45: add gliss line to all troms.
Bar 45: Add “brillante” under beat two for 2nd horn
Bar 57: Omit accent in sop.
Bar 59: Elongate hairpin in all parts
Bar 58: make hairpin in SD match others.
Bar 61: Elongate hairpin (add one to flugel)
Bar 61: Add mf to1st trombone beat 4.
Bar 62-66. Add staccato on all quavers for snare drum
Bar 65: Elongate dim hairpin in most parts.
Bar 66: Add accent on first note of fourth beat for solo cornet sop and flugel
Bar 66: Perc. 3rd beat crotchet rest should be a quaver rest.
Bar 67: Add a quaver to baritones on 2nd beat. Add Eb and G with dynamic p. and staccato.
Bar 67/68/69: Add accents to the fz quavers in solo cor, rep, 2nd & 3rd  cors, flugel, solo and first horn (and euph in 69 & 70)
Bar 67: Delete dynamic “p” for snare drum and substitute “fz”
Bar 68/69/70: Add fz to SD
Bar 70: Add accent to Sop/solo cor last note.
Bar 70: add sf to Eb Bass
Bar 76: Add cresc under the 2nd beat for 2nd cornet.
Bar 77: Delete the dynamic “mp” and the “cresc” from the 2nd cornet part
Bar 77: Add accent to the 1st quaver of beat two for 2nd trom.
Bar 78 & 79: Add accent to baritones C# 
Bar 78: Troms change hairpin to cresc
Bar 78: Omit hairpin in basses.
Bar 80: Omit hairpin cresc in most parts.
Bar 83: Add ff to 1st beat in all horns/baris/troms/euph/basses.
Bar 84: Add dim hairpin and tie to SD
Bar 88: Change lower solo cor to Gb
Bar 90: Omit hairpin decresc in 1st trom. & 3rd cor.
Bar 92: Add open under beat two for bass trombone
Bar 92: Add p dynamic to flugel & trom. Quaver.
Bar 94: Add mp to 1st bari.
Bar 94: Add tenuto line to Euph quaver as flugel. 
Bar 95: Add mf to flugel beat 3.
Bar 96: Add mf to euph beat 2.
Bar 98: Add a1 to 2nd & 3rd cors.
Bar 100: Add stacc dots to trom quavers
Bar 101: Add tutti (or a2) to 2nd and 3rd cornet.
Bar 102: Add accents to 2nd & 3rd cors as bar 101.
Bar 104: Add accents to Rep. as 2nd & 3rd cors.
Bar 105 & 106: The bass trombone tenuto lines suggest long quavers in all parts. 
Bar 106: Add diminuendo hairpins to solo cornet and rep. as 1st trom.
Bar 106: Add open to 3rd cornet
Bar 106: 4th quaver in SD should be tied to next note and trem.
Bar 107: Change perc to p
Bar 108: Add hairpin dim to Bb bass
Bar 109: Add a1 to 2nd cor.
Bar 109: Add hairpin dim to Eb bass
Bar 109: Move hairpin dim in euph to next bar
Bar 112: Add tenuto line to sop 2nd note
Bar 114: Add to solo cors, 1st bari, basses 4th beat.
Bar 115: Add tenuto to flugelhorn & horn quavers.
Bar 119: Add a2 to 2nd cor.
Bar 120: Add to all parts 1st beat
Bar 121: Add to all parts 1st beat (change sop)
Bar 122: Add to all parts 1st beat
Bar 123: Add to perc.
Bar 126: Add to 2nd bari 4th beat as 1st bari
Bar 129: Add in all parts on 1st beat
Bar 129: Add in all parts 3rd beat
Bar 130: Add to solo cor 1st beat
Bar 130: Add staccato and fz to solo cor 4th beat as troms
Bar 131: Change sop articulation to follow solo cor. In bar 130. (ie slur over 1st 4 semis & slur crotchet to quaver.) Add fpp to sop 2nd beat.
Bar 132: Omit ties in cornets
Bar 138: Add to Bari, troms & WB. And Euph 3rd beat.
Bar 138: Elongate euph hairpin cresc
Bar 138: Add mf to Basses 3rd beat
Bar 139 & 140: Remove fz in SD
Bar 139: Add A# quaver to sop. ass solo cors. 
Bar 140: Add to Baris & eup 4th beat
Bar 140 –142 Add stacc. dots to all quavers and semis as in bars 126/127.
Bar 141: Add p to baris.
Bar 142: Add p to 1st beat in all parts 
Bar 143: Add p to 1st beat in all parts
Bar 143: Add hairpin cresc in all parts over 1st & 2nd beats
Bar 143: Add to all parts on beat 3.
Bar 144: omit sop note.
Bar 144: Add & hairpin cresc to solo cor and rep on 1st beat. Add f to last note.
Bar 144: Add fp to 2nd beat of solo cor & rep.
Bar 144 & 145: Add to the start of all crescendi.
Bar 145: Add staccato to the second half of beat three for solo cornet.
Bar 145: Add f to 4th beat solo cor, rep, 2nd cor, 3rd cor, euph.
Bar 146-152: Add accents and stacc. to Cors, Troms & Tamb.
Bar 149: Tamb misses a quaver rest at the end of the bar.
Bar 149: 1st horn & 2nd bari. add 2 semis at the end of the bar as sop. and euph.
Bar 150. Delete dynamic “mf” for repiano, 2nd and 3rd cornet
Bar 152: Sop last note should be C natural
Bar 153: Bb bass should be E not C
Bar 153/154: The 6 note phrase in Eb bass should be up a second.
Bar 154-156. Omit sempre marc in solo cors (Euph and Bb Bass) and add accents on all quavers in solo cornet, rep. trombones, euphonium and E flat bass through the third beat of bar 156
Bar 156: The two quavers on the fourth beat (1st bari, 1st trom, & euph.) should be slurred- not accented.
Bar 157: Add dynamic ff on 1st beat of solo cornet.
Bar 162: 1st trom should be B natural for 4 notes.
Bar 163: Baris 3rd beat should be D natural
Bar 166: Elongate hairins.
Bar 166: Add hairpins to Bb Bass
Bar 167: Elongate hairpins.
Bar 167: Add hairpin to Bb bass
Bar 169: Add mp to all parts (Change 3rd cor.)
Bar 170: Omit stacc on solo cor. Last note
Bar 171: Stretch solo cornet slur over to F in bar 172 (as euph in bar 175)
Bar 172: Add to all parts
Bar 174: Add mf to all parts
Bar 174: Change slurs in solo cornet to look like bars 170/171
Bar 175: 2nd horn should possibly be G tied over (rather than triple the 3rd of the chord).
Bar 175: Elongate hairpin in all parts.
Bar 176: Elongate hairpins in Baris, & Basses.
Bar 177: Add mp to 2nd bari, euphs & basses
Bar 178: 1st Euph & 2nd Trom 3rd note should be A natural.
Bar 179: 2nd Bari should be A natural.
Bar 179: Bass trombone should G natural.
Bar 179: Elongate hairpin.
Bar 185: 2nd last note in 2nd trom should be C natural.
Bar 187: The solo cornet part should be marked “tutti”
Bar 188: Eb Bass should be B natural
Bar 188. Add tenuto line on soprano cornet final note.
Bar 188. Add “Both” to Euphs & basses.
Bar 192 Solo cornets and sop. should slur to bar 193 as flugel.
Bar 192: Add mf to sop. and elongated hairpin.
Bar 192: elongate all hairpins.
Bar 193: Add to sop.
Bar 201: Add mf to 1st bari & euphs.
Bar 202: Add p to Sop, solo cor, Horns, baris, Euphs.
Bar 203: Elongate all hairpins.
Bar 204: Add mp to all parts.
Bar 208. Delete slur from 2nd baritone
Bar 208. Add staccato and “sf” to Baris
Bar 209-221. All quavers for wood block should be marked staccato
Bar 211: Elongate hairpins in all parts.
Bar 211: Add p to 2nd cornet and Flugelhorn.
Bar 212. Add staccato to all quavers.
Bar 216 Add mf to horns & baris.
Bar 221. Add staccato to quavers in solo cor and rep. (as horns in 213.
Bar 212: Shorten trill line in 2nd cor and flugel.
Bar 213: Elongate hairpin.
Bars 214 & 215: replace hairpin with cresc. in all parts.
Bar 216: Add mf to horns and baris.
Bar 221: Add stacc dots to all quavers.
Bar 221: Elongate hairpins.
Bar 223: Replace hairpins with cresc.
Bars 224: Remove all dynamics.
Bar 226: Add gliss. To troms.
Bar 226: Add to W. Block
Bar 230: add stacc dot to Bb bass quaver.
Bar 232: add mf to all parts
Bar 236: Change 2nd Trom to look like bar 235.
Bar 243: Omit hairpins in basses
Bar 244: Elongate hairpins in all parts
Bar 245: Add f to troms.
Bar 247: Add ff to basses & perc. 4th beat.
Bar 248: Add hairpin dim to Baris & troms. 
Bar 251: Elongate hairpins in solo cors and rep. and add staccato dots.
Bar 251: Add staccato dots to rep & Flug quavers & semis. Delete legg. Add tenuto to 2nd beat.
Bar 252: Add staccato to all quavers in solo cornet and rep.
Bar 253 Elongate hairpins. Add staccato dots to all quavers. Omit legg.
Bar 253: Add both to euphs as before.
Bar 256: Add to horns.
Bar 247 Add ff to Basses and perc on 4th beat.
Bar 248 Add dim to Baris & troms.
Bar 251 Add stacc to solo cors.
Bar 252. Add staccato to solo cors quavers.
Bar 253. Add staccato to all quavers.
Bar 253-261. Add stacc to W Block.
Bar 259: Elongate hairpin.
Bar 259: Add staccato dots to all quavers.
Bar 259: Add hairpin cresc to flugel as rep.
Bar 259 Add to 2nd & 3rd cor entry.
Bar 260- 265. Add staccato dots to all quavers.
Bar 262: Omit “S.D & BD” 
Bar 264/265 Replace hairpins with cresc. in horns. Omit hairpins in the other parts.
Bar 266: Add ff to Euphs & to perc.
Bar 270: Add accent to Euph 1st note.
Bar 274: Add ten line to Solo cor, rep, euph 1st note.
Bar 280: Add Staccato dot to 3rd beat if missing.
Bar 282/28: Add mf to all parts.
Bar 285: Add a courtesy flat sign on the third beat to solo cornet and rep.
Bar 288 & 289: Elongate hairpins.
Bar 289: Add f under beat one for 2nd baritone.
Bar 291: add ten to Bari 1st note.
Bar 294: Add mf under beat one for 2nd baritone
Bar 298: Add f to SD 
Bar 299: Add ff to Horns
Bar 306: Add accent on the first note to solo cornet, rep and euphonium.
Bar 312: The last note for flugelhorn should be a quaver.
Bar 312: All parts should have a staccato on the third beat.
Bar 314: Change 3rd cor notes to F & D.
Bar 321: 2nd Cornet should be B natural and A natural.
Bar 321: Euphs and Bb Bases first note should be E natural. Eb Bass B natural.
Bar 328: Change Bb Bass 2nd beat to E natural
Bar 328: Change Eb Bass 3rd beat to G.
Bar 330: Add a tenuto on the first beat for solo cornet, rep and euph.
Bar 334: Add accent on first beat for solo cornet, rep, flugel and euph
Bar 338: Add tenuto on the first beat for solo cornet, rep and euph
Bar 341: Change 2nd cornet notes on 2nd & 3rd beats to Gs
Bar 342. The last note for 2nd cornet, 3rd cornet and euphonium should be a G natural.
Bar 342. The last note for solo horn and 1st horn should be D natural.
Bar 342-343. Slurs-     Sop tongue last note in 343.
Solo cors & Rep. slur 5 beats, tonguing the two quavers on the 3rd beat.
                                                      Flugel the same
Bar 343. Add tenuto on both quavers on 3rd beat to solo cornet.
344 & 345: Elongate hairpins.
Bar 344: Add to euph.
Bars 346/347/348: 1st trom should be A# not A natural
Bar 346: Basses need a 3 (triplet) on the first beat
Bar 351: On 2nd beat, all trombones need a sextuplet sign. (6 semiquavers in the time of 4)
Bar 351: The semiquavers (2nd beat) in all 3 trombones, are not glissando. 
The small number indicates slide position. However, the Bass Trombone, starting on 5, should be 4.
Bar 351: Bass trombone 1st note should be F#
Bar 351: Eb bass 3rd beat should start on G natural.
Bar 351: Add f to 3rd beat on SD. Add cresc. hairpin.
Bar 351: Euph. 2nd note should be E natural.
Bar 351: Euphonium 3rd beat G natural
                  Eb Bass 3rd beat D natural. Last note D natural
                  Bb Bass G natural. 4th beat should be Bb with last note G natural.
Bar 351: Elongate hairpins in troms, euphs & basses.
Bar 351: Change 1st & 2nd horns to D#
Bar 352: Change Solo hn to G# on 1st 2 beats.
Bar 353: Change both baritone 5th quavers to B natural.
Bar 353: Change Bass trom 4th beat to A/G#/A
Bars 354/355/356: Change Rep & Flugel & 1st trom to A#s
Bar 355: Change sop 1st note to Bb
Bar 358: Change bass trom 1st note to Eb
Bar 359: Change 1st trom 3rd beat to Ab
Bar 360: Change 2nd trom 1st note to Eb. (3rd beat remains E natural)
Bar 363: Solo cornet & 1st bari last note should be A natural
Bar 363: Change Euph slur to cover beats 3 & 4.
Bar 363: Change slurs in Bb Bass, Eb Bass, Euph, 2nd Bari, 2nd hrn to cover two beats only.
Bar 363 Change SD hair pin to cresc.
Bar 364: Change 2nd cor, 3rd cor, flug, S.hn, 1st hn, & 2nd hn slurs to cover beats 1 & 2.
Bars 364, 365, 366: Add ties in SD